Saturday, March 7, 2015

Boise via Central Oregon Trip II

The second night was really cold.  Did get the sleeping bag woes worked out, and wore a beanie, so was fairly comfortable and warm. Amazing what a good nights sleep can do.

We fished a little when we got up, then came back to make breakfast.  Pretty simple the second morning.  The first morning I taught Sean how to bake biscuits in a frying pan.  I can remember my grandfather showing my dad how to do this in the driveway of his farm.  Works great, and you don't need a dutch oven.  He loved learning how to cook over an open fire.  Had always cooked on camp stoves before.

I can't wait to teach his son, Tommy, and Jon's son, Oliver, about camping.  I've been doing it my whole life.  That was my parents idea of a vacation, and is mine today.  My wife loves it.

After breakfast we decided that we would pull up stakes and head for the Powder River outside of Baker City.

Heading for the John Day River Valley, we came across a shoe tree.  Pretty cool!  Sean wanted to get a shot of it.  There's a small sign on the tree "A bunch of old soles hanging around".  Cute.

We hit the valley a little west of Dayville.  This is the country I was raised in.  John Day and Prairie City.  It's really pretty here.  High elevation desert.  Very dry.  Though there was fresh snow in the mountains. 

We stopped in John Day for lunch at a local brewery.  The boy does like his beer.  The food was great, and the waitress better.  Very pretty lady.  If you are passing through, stop at the 1188 Brewing Company.  You won't be disappointed.

I had Sean drive around and showed him where I had lived, and a little history of the place... and me.
He really like the town.  Wants to find  a job there.  It would be a great place to move back too.

Finally took off for the rest of the trip to the Powder River.  We had to go through what was a small mill town of Bates.  The mill closed in 1975, and the house were sold off and hauled away.  A lot to Prairie City (which we passed through without stopping).  It's really strange to see nothing there but flat ground.  It's now a state park.

We finally hit the Powder River, and stopped to check things out.  It's not a large stream, especially in winter, but a sweet little place.  I stopped last summer and caught a small rainbow with in a few minutes.  

Standing there looking at the water, it was REALLY cold, and Sean was talking about finding a place to set up camp.  I was so not looking forward to that, but it was his trip, and whatever he wanted I would go along with.  A motel sounded so good.

He finally came around and suggested we get a room in Baker City. (I still think of it, and call it, Baker).  A good nights sleep and then explore Baker a little.  

We went up to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and took the tour.  A very interesting place, showing the lives of those that settled the west.  A very courageous group.  What the went through to make the trip is amazing.  If in the area, be sure to visit.

Well, time to hit the freeway and finish the trip to Boise.  It was a great time, and look forward to spending more time there.


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