Friday, August 22, 2014


Today I thought I would ramble about the adventure of moving.  When we moved to Idaho twenty years ago, we packed everything and then had a moving company ship it.  The driver was a friend, who I think gave us a pretty good deal on the move.

This time, we again packed everything, but rented a U-haul and moved it all ourselves.  Twenty years older and that crap is a lot heavier.  Thank God for my sons.  They made the whole thing work!

The fun part was driving a 26' truck across Oregon.  I took the road though the desert, hitting Burns and Bend, then dropping into Eugene.

The truck was very comfortable, and drove like a dream.  Was a little nervous at first, fearing I might tip the thing over, but no trouble at all.  It even had enough power to pass when needed.

When I drive, music is not a big thing to me.  If the radio is on,  it's more background noise than for enjoyment.  I like the way the mind just wanders when there is no distraction.  Don't get me wrong, driving takes concentration, but a desert road with little traffic, you can't help be think about a lot of things.  Such as "how am I going to start my business all over again?", "what's it going to be like living in a city again?"

This whole thing is both scary and exciting.  A whole new world to explore, from the fishing waters around the area, to living in a very liberal community.  May have to be a little more open minded.  Maybe see things differently.  Now don't think a hard core conservative is going soft!  I still believe in what I feel is the right direction, but maybe get some insight into how libs come to their beliefs.

Back to the adventure of moving.  Climbing up into the truck, and seeing the road from a higher vantage was great.  It's a wide, beautiful world out there, and driving along, taking it all in is great.  I have always loved road trips, and have been blessed with having had the opportunity to drive all over the U.S and Canada.  Back roads are the best.  You may not make good time, but theres more to life than speeding along at 70 or 80 MPH, with the world whipping by.

By taking back roads, I got to see a slice of U.S. life that most only see on television or in movies.  Herds of antelope or big horn sheep.  Beautiful rivers and mountain ranges.  A distant storm blowing in.  Visual stimuli!

The "fun" part of driving a truck is when you get into traffic.  Truckers are great.  When you pass on, and need to get back into the right lane, they'll flash their lights to let  you know you are clear.  Those driving autos, on the other hand, can be down right rude.  Guess they don't realize they're going to loose a rumble.

Now I'm not claiming one trip in a small truck makes me a long haul driver, but it was fun.  Years ago, when I was shooting trucks, before the changes on CDL requirements, there were times when I got to drive big rigs.  Now that's a kick in the ass.  Sitting eight feet up, looking down on the world.  At the same time, trying to back a forty foot trailer into where it's needed, is an art.  Just starting those things gets the blood flowing a little faster.

The other part of a great road trip, is when you get to drive alone.  I know having your sweetie, or a good friend with you is great, but a day or two, or three, by yourself allows you the freedom to do what YOU want.  No checking with the passenger.  What to stop and throw rocks off a mountain, do it.  Pull over at a greasy burger joint?  Go ahead.  You can even sing along with a favorite song without being told to shut up.

The end of the drive finally came.  Tired and ready to stop, but at the same time regretting that it's over.  There is always a new road to travel.  Kinda like the changes in your life.

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