Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life in Eugene.

Well, it's been a while since I lasted posted.  I'm not the most prolific writer, and ideas don't come easy.  I do need to make an effort to do this a little more.

My last post I talked about moving.  It's been an interesting five months.  I really got to hit some life markers.  First, my wife, Janie, had a heart attack and had to be life flighted from McCall to Boise.  They put a stent in, and she is doing fine.

We returned to Eugene for a month, then had to return to McCall for a wedding.  Janie started having chest pains again, so another helicopter ride to Boise.  This one ended up being no big deal, the doctors in McCall were worried about her, and not having the resources there, sent her down.

That was our last trip to Idaho.  We've found a place in Eugene, and are making it our new home.  Love the neighborhood, and am getting used to driving around the city.  No more getting lost and losing it.  I do have a temper when it comes to traffic.  Hate it, but am getting used to it.

Living in Eugene is a little strange.  You have a large university, which puts a lot of liberal mindset into the population.  Very liberal.  At the same time, I see a lot of big trucks with hunting decals, and fishing is very big here.  With two big rivers coming together, it's prime steelhead and salmon fishing right in town.

And the town is fun watching.  I swear, this must be the breeding grounds for Prius.  They are everywhere.  I've never seen so many.  Those and other hybrid autos.  Must be that green thing.

And recycling.  When we signed up for disposal service, we were issued three trash cans and a plastic container.  One for recyclable materials, one for yard waste, and a small one for trash.  And the plastic box is for clear glass.  Still learning the system.  I've had stuff left in the yard because it was put in the wrong container.  I'm too old to be learning how to separate my trash.

But Janie likes it here.  We've enjoyed finding new places to eat.  Sweet Life has the best pastries, Fishermans Market has an oyster poor boy I love, and Giant Burgers in Springfield has burgers and shakes that are worth the drive.  And the Market of Choice grocery stores are amazing.  Cheeses and meats that I've been craving, and a bakery that make great croissants.  Gotta be careful though.  I bought some broccoli without noticing it was organic, until it was rang up.  Five dollars a pound!

The other thing is watching the people.  A lot of homeless people and drug abuse.  That's sad.  But a the old, balding guys that have pony tails in kinda sad, also.  And I saw a beret, along with required pony tail.  Wanted to laugh.

And the Obama stickers!  Are these folks for real?  With a razor blade and a few moments, they could scrape those things off.

They just voted to legalize marijuana.  The new law goes into effect this summer.  Now I worry about getting pulled over when I go back to Idaho.  Those Oregonians, trying to sneak some dope into Idaho.

Haven't got to fish much.  Went a couple time last fall, but didn't do well.  Tried the Metolius for a couple days and got totally skunked.  Need to get my license and get out on the water.

Just started sending out mailers to try to drum up work.  It'll be interesting to see what comes of them.  Have some other ideas on getting shoots, so I'm finally getting down to going back to work.

 See what the future holds.

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